Serbia host second U19 European Championsip

Serbia host second U19 European Championship!

Serbia host second U19 European Championship! The Rugby League European Federation (RLEF)  is re-launching the U19 European Championship after a 12-year gap. First tournament was held 2006 in France. Next tournament will be organized in Belgrade, Serbia from 4 to 12 August 2018.

Seeded nations England, France, Scotland and Wales will be joined by Ireland, Russia, the hosts Serbia, and winner of the qualifying match Italy vs Ukraine.  This match will be played  in Fogliano Deripuglia, north east Italy, on the May 19.

England and winner of the first tournament France were in separate halves of the draw.   The first competition day is Sunday  5th August.  France will play against Italy or Ukraine, and England against host Serbia. The two others quarterfinals are Ireland vs Scotland and Wales vs Russia. The semifinals are played on Wednesday August 8th, and finals on August 11th.

In the future tournament will be played on a quadrennial basis as part of a multi-year European calendar, with future hosting rights determined by a competitive tender process which will be concluded two years in advance.

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