200 days to go

200 days to go!

Only 200 days to go! That’s 28 and a half weeks, or six and a half months – and we can’t wait. Remember the date: Sunday 5 August 2018. That’s the moment that the 2nd European Rugby League U19 Championship will start. During one week Belgrade will host eight best European teams that will fight for the title of Champions of Old Continent. By the beginning of the championship, there is still much to do. The organizing committee has full-time jobs. In the coming days, the logo and mascot of the champions will be selected. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Blagoja Stoiljkovic, is pleased with what has been done so far.

In the forthcoming days, in cooperation with RLEF, we will make the final decision on the appearance of the logo and mascot. So we will finally get the visual identity of the championship.  It’s a small but very important step for us.

One of the important  steps  is tour of the stadium where the game will be played.

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