Serbia Paracin


Serbia! How does one go about describing a country that has everything; lowlands and hills, rivers and lakes, rapids and geysers, clearings and dense forests, a several-millennia long history, peaceful villages and noisy cities, log cabins and glass-encased skyscrapers, a thousand different bird species and even greater number of animals, medieval monasteries housing beautiful frescoes and modern galleries, sand Serbia Meandri Uvcadunes and glacial lakes, endless flat lands and karts sinkholes, mineral springs and specific micro climate spas, ripe fruits and many sorts of vegetables, dark wine and strong brandy, chopped eggplant and peppers salad and national dishes, flattened corn bread and baked beans, water polo,  basketball and volleyball champions and erudition and skills award winning students …

Serbia stands for wonderful, proud, courageous, friendly and hospitable people epitomizing a centuries old legacy. Although most of population is Eastern Orthodox Christian, there are sizeable Roman Catholic and Islamic communities. Other denominations are also present.

Serbia lies in central part of the Balkan Peninsula, situated in central and south eastern Europe. The climate in Serbia is diverse. Northern areas feature a continental climate, hilly parts of the country have a moderate continental climate, and mountainous regions sport an alpine are the coldest months of the e climate. In more down to earth terms, you can expect moderately warm summers and cold winters. Autumn is longer and warmer than spring. January and February are the coldest months of the year. July is the hottest.

Serbia is a land worth visiting. You will love its warmth, friendliness and sincerity.

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