Italy U19

France U19 vs Italy U19: 20-6

On Saturday 24 February, at the Léo Lagrange complex in Toulon, France and Italy played under 19 test match . France won by 20-6 (20-0).  The conditions for the game were extremely difficult. There was a heavy rain that sank the terrain. France played excellently in the first half, and that part of the game was resolved to 20-0. The second part of the match was less productive for the tricolors who did not mark a single point.  Italy gave outstanding resistance and managed to score an try and goal.

Italy U19
Photo: FFR13 – Captains Giordano ARENA (Italie) and Rayan QUERNE (France)

Both teams are preparing for the Rugby league U19 European  Championship, which will be played in Serbia in August this year. Italy has not yet qualified for the Rugby league U19 European  Championship. Italy on 19th May is playing qualifier match against Ukraine.

“I am satisfied and at the same time aware that I have to work hard. I saw guys who played openly and dared. Of course they made mistakes, but with a focused job I am sure that we will limit these inaccuracies of play and we will take away so many satisfactions. Our goal remains the conquest of the qualification for the Belgrade European Championship. I would like to meet again the France in Serbia and on a less heavy playing field. We’ll see, now there is a great desire to work on the part of everyone, staff and players.” commented Salvatore Pezzano, coach of Italy League U19,

Photo FIRL: Italy U19

After this, a match between women’s students national teams from France and Italy was played. French win with a score of 12-4.

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