Sports Center Makis Belgrade

All matches at the Sports Center Makis

The organizing committee of the Rugby League U19 European Championship announced that all 12 games will be played on the terrain of the Sports Center Makis in Belgrade.

Sports Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Makiš, (official name)  is Athletic stadium also known as FK Policajac Stadium. The sports center is located in the territory of SO Čukarica, city of Belgrade, at the address Stari Obrenovački put br.1a. The sport center “Makis” is located in the Makis Forest on the western access of Belgrade along the old Obrenovac road, near the Sava Lake, in the area of Ada Ciganlija. It is 8 km from the city center, in the main spring zone, on a shady area of about + 75m above sea level.

The main central stadium with an athletic track has a capacity of 4,000 spectators. In addition to the main stadium, the center has 4 additional football fields.

Sports Centar MakisThe Serbian Rugby League Federation used this stadium since 2011 and Serbian Eagles has played many important matches on it.


      1. Who is doing the live streaming?

        I run a site dedicated to producing and promoting live streaming of Rugby League and would love to help this tournament reach as many viewers as possible.

  1. Hi
    I am looking forward to visiting Belgrade in August to watch the U/19 Championships.
    How do I get tickets for the games please ?
    Kind regards
    John Findlow

  2. I too will be visiting Belgrade to catch the games. Any information on how best to get to the venue from a city located hotel would be most appreciated.

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