Ukraine instead of Russia

Ukraine instead of Russia

Only a month before the start of the European Championships came the information that Russia had given up because of financial problems. However, eight nations will participate in the championship in Belgrade, because Ukraine will replace Russia. Ukraine participated in the qualifications in which it was defeated by Italy with 50-0.

Russian president Denis Korolev commented: “This decision was very difficult and stressful for the ARLK and taken in consultation with the tournament organizers. It is as a result of us not being an official sport, recognised by the government here, since 2010. That has had a significant influence on state funding and potential sponsorship.”

“The participation of the Ukrainian team is a great chance for us, and a new important step for the development of rugby league in the nation,” said UKRL president Artur Martyrosyan.

Ukraine will meet in the first round with the Welsh team on August 5 at the SNC Makis stadium in Belgrade. You can find more here


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