Ukraine U19

Ukraine U19 squad

To the start of Rugby league U19 European Championships, to be held at the Makis stadium, Belgrade from 5-11 August; is remaining exactly 11 days. Wales and Ukraine playing in the opening fixture. The winners go through to the semi finals and the losers play in ranking matches.

Late entrants Ukraine, who have taken the place of Russia, are determined to make the most of their reprieve after initially losing out to Italy in the qualifying game.

“This is an historic event for Ukrainian rugby players. We are grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to take part,” said U19s head coach Igor Yurkin. “The composition of the participants in the tournament is very strong and we will have to try hard to show our strengths.”


Anton Bolshakov, Daniel Cervinsky, Evgeny Chernykh, Denis Mayorov, Vitaly Puchkov, Anton Pyatnitsky, Andrei Shelepovsky, Kirill Usik (RK, Rivne), Nikita Ivchenko (Legion XIII, Kharkov), Vladimir Brodovsky, Danylo Gapon, Oleg Kuninets, Bogdan Matsyuk, Alexander Petrenko, Maxim Shvets (Sokol, Lviv), Vladislav Rudov, Dmitry Vasilishin (Burevestnik, Khmelnytsky) Lubomyr Beznoschuk, Vladislav Osipov (Stanislaviv, Ivano-Frankivsk), Vitaly Kovach, Alexander Moroz (Zakarp)

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