General rules on acrediting jurnalist for Rugby league U19 European championship – Belgrade 5-11.08.2018

Rugby league U19 European championship charges no registration fee for accredited press representatives. The following persons may receive press accreditation:

  • Print and online media representatives
  • Radio and TV media representatives
  • Photographers

Non journalistic staff members (I.e. members of management, assistants, employers, parents, etc.) do not qualify as journalist and will not receive press accreditation. Press accreditation is open from now to 10.08.2018. All media representatives will be accredited with a tournament pass that covers all match days (5, 8 and 11. August and Balkan Rugby League 9 Championship 10. August) Requests received after the dedlines will not be taken into account.

For obtaining press accreditation it is necessary to submit it:

1. Fill out the form – MEDIA ACCREDITA

2. Copy of valid 2018 press card or leter on company letterhead (must be signed by and include the direct contact delails for editir/chief).

3. Personal photo

All three documents sent by email

Access to the pitch will be given to authorities TV cameramen and photographers only.

TV and radio representatives, will be alowed to make short interviews to members of two teams at the end of the match in designated area.

Post match press conference is 15 minutes after end of match. Each team is represented by two persons (caoch and player). All accredited media are allowed into the press conference


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