Rugby League U19

M1: Serbia Vs England 0-64

Belgrade 05.08.2018. Venue: NC Makiš.  Kick off 14.00 H, Attendance: 500. Referee: Ben Casty (France). Assisten Referees: Janoslav Bzoh (Czech Republic),  Robin Hachace (Lebanon).

Points for England: 11 Tries:  Tiri ’12, ’23 i ’50, Selbi ’53, Krompton ’4 i ’48, B. Vud ’7, Herber ’46, Senior ’67, Heterington ’38, Digbi ’28 (Engleska) Goals: Herison 10/11 (Engleska)

SERBIA: Jakovljević, Mihajlović, Bijorac, Štefulj, V. Tomić, Krstić, Marjanović, Stanković, Smit, Stoiljković, Milutinović, Marolt, Dragišić. Rezerve: M. Tomić, Arnold, Simović, Janković.

ENGLAND: Curtis Teare, Ben Selby, Rob Crompton, Brandon Wood, James Goulsbra-Miller, Gary McMahon, Calum Coleman, Leon Harber, Callum Wood, Jake Bradley, Liam Kenyon, George Senior, Louis Brogan. SubsElias Harrison, Sam Favell, Cameron Hetherington, Joe Digby

Rugby League U19

England Head Coach, Allan Coleman, said post-match: “We are extremely satisfied with today’s game, the lads put in a good performance for their first hit-out together.  We have a few things to work on, and these will be our focus over the next few days before the next game.”

Full time: England win 64-0. On Wednesday England play in semi final against Wales.   

67 min, try England Senior, goal Gary Mcmanon

53 min try England Rob Cropton, goal GM 0-58

50 min try England, Curtis Teary, goal GM 0-52

Rugby League Serbia vs England47 min, try England Cameron Netherington, Gol GM 0-46

37 min, try England Sam Favell, Goal GM 0-40

End of first Half, 34-0 for England

28 min Try England, Joe Digby, Goal Gary Mcmanon 0-34

23 min Try England, Curtis Teare, Goal Gary Mcmanon 0-28

Rugby League Serbia vs England19 min Try England, Rob Cropton, Goal Gary Mcmanon 0-22

12 min Try England,  Curtis Teare, Gary Mcmanon  missed first time.

7 minutu Try England Brandon Wood, Goal Gary Mcmanon

4 min Try for England Rob  Cropton, Goal Gary Mcmanon

Temperature in Belgrade 31 degree. Match Serbia vs England start at 2 P. M.

Serbia vs England

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