Rugby League France vs Italy

M4 France vs Italy 70-0

France today played excellent and convincingly beat Italy with 70-0. The score was 28-0 to France at the break. On Wednesday in the semi-finals of the European Championship, the French will meet Scottish. Italy will play against Ireland.

France vs Italy 70-0 (28-0)

Belgale 05.08.2018. Stadium: NSC Makis. Attendance: 150.  Referee: Cameron Worsley (England)

Points for France:  13 tries – Corentin Rey (4), Mathieu Laguerre (7), David De Macedo (21),Mathias Leveille (28), Mathieu Jussaume (32), Guillame Gorka (36), Arthur Mourgue (39), Mathieu Jussaume (48), Pierre Fourquet (56), Luces Emblard (58), Arthur Mourgue (61), Miky Bauer (65),  Sebastien Bled (69). Goals: Arthur Mourgue (9/13)

France: Corentin Rey, Miky Bauer, Pierre Fourquet, Mathieu Laguerre, Guillame Gorka,Arthur Mourgue, Thimothe Bertrand, Barthlelemy Rouge, David De Macedo, Corentin Rey, Sebastien Bled, Mathieu Jussaume, Thomas Lacan. Sub: Francois Dorce-Hantz, Jean Lima Dienne, Mathias Leveille

Italy: Sciacca, Privitera, Rizzelli, Virzì, Laudani, Mendosa, Arena, Artale, Leotta, Bartolini, Signorelli, Di Sano, Morosi. Sub.: Rizzo, Ferrero, Dalmasso, Raveggi. Coach.: Pezzano.

Rugby League France vs Italy

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