M 2: Scotland Vs Ireland 30-18

Belgrade 05.08.2018. Venue: NSC Makis. Kick off: 16:00. Attendance: 150. Referee: Guido Bonatti (Italia)

Point for Scotland: Elliot Campbell (10), Dan May (17), Iain Oakley (22), Charlie Emslie (65), Fergus Simpson (70). Goals: Alex Williams (5/5)

Point for Ireland: Calum O’Neill (37), Sam Cullen (50), Calum O’Neill (55) Goals: Josh Battishill (3/3)

Scotland: Callum Kennedy, Euan Caldwell, Timmy Kennedy, Elliot Campbell, Iain Oakley, Fergus Simpson, Alex Williams, Chris Patterson, Dan May, Gregor Mitchell, Charlie Emslie, Matthew Fletcher, Jack McMillan. Subs: Adam Hay, Sean McKervail, Jamie McCabe, Connal McDonagh

Ireland: Luke Findlow, Ryan Curran, Conor Smith, Andrew Smyth, Zak Fellows, Josh Battishill, Fiach Millward, James Mulvaney, Daniel Goddard, Ronan Michael, Calum O’Neill, James Cromie, Kevin Varga. Subs: Sam Cullen, Jack O’Sullivan, Joe Togher, Sam O’Sullivan-Fitzgerald

Rugby league Scotland vs IrelandFull time 30-18 for Scotland.

End of first Half, Scotland lead 18-0

23 min try Scotland, Iain Oakley goal FS 18-0

    18 min water break

16 min, second try for Scotland Chris Simpson, gol Ferguson Simpson 12-0

9 min Try for Scotland, Elliot Campbell, goal Fergus Simpson 6-0

Game start

Scotland Vs Ireland start warm ups. Kick off 4 pm

Ireland vs Scotland


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