France 2006


Rugby league is one of to code of Rugby. This is a full-contact sport played  by two tema of thirteen player on a rectangular, gras field. Rugby league is establish in 1895.  in Northern England as a split from the Rugby fotball union.

That is the ultimate team sport. It’s fast, exciting and spectacular and is played by skilful and powerful athletes. The sport demands that players show determination, sporting ingenuity and courage. The action on the field happens at high speed, so here’s advice on some of the things to look out for when you’re watching.

The Rugby League World Cup is an International rugby league tournament, and contested by national teams of the Rugby League international federation which was first held in France in 1954. The last Rugby League Word Cup was held in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, and was won by Australia.

First junior Rugby League U19 European Championship was held 2006 in France. In the final hosts defeated England by 56-0.